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Amanda's classes provide a space to drop in and connect to your breath. Her classes integrate creative sequencing and concise alignment cues to bring balance to the body and the mind. She began teaching yoga after completing training in 2015 recently found inspiration from teachers like Heather Lilleston and Kevin Courtney. She enjoys many restaurants in Harlem, in particular getting brunch at Vinateria and then dessert at L.A. Sweets.
Argentina's classes focus on finding balance between effort and ease. Her concise cues and challenging sequencing allow students to practice mindfulness through movement. She began practicing yoga over 12 years ago to help navigate major life changes and began teaching in 2015.  Her teaching style is influenced by Sarah Platt - Finger and Alexandria Crow. Argentina enjoys walks with her dog Rocky and stopping by Lenox Coffee and Levain Bakery.
Halima’s classes bring a focus of proper alignment, a straightforward yet challenging sequence, in a light-hearted and welcoming environment. She believes a mindful practice can decompress and strengthen the body, mind and spirit. A Michigan native and proud University of Michigan alum, off the mat she is a professional actor and moonlights as a theater teaching artist in NYC public schools. Halima’s style is influenced by her teachers Stacey Brass-Russell and Bryn Chrisman. She has a penchant for theater and dance, good books, and the occasional gummy bear. Halima’s Harlem Hangout is Barawine. 
Jessica’s vinyasa classes are composed of a graceful flow with a careful focus on alignment in a warm and nurturing environment. Having a background in dance, she is captivated by the process of using movement for healing. Each class is an opportunity to create spaciousness, skilled awareness, and heart awakening. Her teaching style is influenced by her teachers Stacey Brass-Russell and Bryn Chrisman.

Jessica is also an experienced meditation and restorative yoga teacher, as well as a Reiki practitioner. She enjoys spending time at the beach, reading, and studying a variety of healing modalities.
(Showing 1 - 4 of 11)