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Sarah, a boutique fitness junkie, formed Unity Yoga in 2013. Unity Yoga's mission is to offer students a tight-knit yoga community without having to leave the neighborhood. Sarah's alignment-based classes are technical and inventive, and offer accessibility to ensure students leave feeling stronger and more able. She began teaching yoga classes in 2005. Her teaching style is influenced by Tiffany Fisk and Jason Brown. In addition to practicing yoga, she enjoys megaformer, trx and bootcamp classes. Sarah moved to Harlem in 2008. Her favorite neighborhood spots are Double Dutch Coffee and Vinateria.
Brenda’s thoughtful instruction encourages greater focus and concentration; her well-prepared sequences include moments effort and ease, sweat and surrender. Brenda's asana practice offers her tangible means to build strength and confidence. Through sharing her yoga practice with her students she hopes to generate interest in its physical and emotional benefits. Brenda began teaching in 2013. Her style is inspired by Patti Quintero and Jason Crandell. Off her mat Brenda enjoys running and pilates. Her favorite local spots are Serengeti Teas & Spices and The Chipped Cup.
Through progressive and goal oriented sequencing Ashley’s classes offer students the opportunity to confidently move into postures with ease. With a focus on building strength and flexibility students experience greater stability in their practice. As a dancer Ashley found yoga to be an effective way to warm up and rehabilitate after injury. Ashley began teaching yoga in 2014 and is a graduate of the Unity Yoga Mentorship Program. Her teaching style is influenced by Jen Whinnen and Sarah Rehman. Ashley's favorite neighborhood spot is Maison Harlem.
Argentina's classes focus on finding balance between effort and ease. Her concise cues and challenging sequencing allow students to practice mindfulness through movement. She began practicing yoga over 12 years ago to help navigate major life changes and began teaching in 2015.  Her teaching style is influenced by Sarah Platt - Finger and Alexandria Crow. Argentina enjoys walks with her dog Rocky and stopping by Lenox Coffee and Levain Bakery.
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