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Amanda's classes provide a space to drop in and connect to your breath. Her classes integrate creative sequencing and concise alignment cues to bring balance to the body and the mind. She began teaching yoga after completing training in 2015 recently found inspiration from teachers like Heather Lilleston and Kevin Courtney. She enjoys many restaurants in Harlem, in particular getting brunch at Vinateria and then dessert at L.A. Sweets.
Amanda’s classes are detail-oriented, creative, and grounding. Fueled by breath, an understanding of the body, and the freedom to move beyond self-labeled limitations, her classes are guided with an adventure in mind; each practice will leave enough time for the mind and body to explore each asana before moving beyond it, and encourage students to listen to their bodies and to re-discover their practice beyond what they already know. She is inspired by her teachers Lisa Benner, Will Duprey, and Johanna Bell. Amanda is a dancer and spends her time practicing, reading, enjoying the outdoors, and entertaining her crazy cat. One of her favorite Harlem spots is Kitchenette Uptown for brunch, and anything at Levain Bakery.
Argentina's classes focus on finding balance between effort and ease. Her concise cues and challenging sequencing allow students to practice mindfulness through movement. She began practicing yoga over 12 years ago to help navigate major life changes and began teaching in 2015.  Her teaching style is influenced by Sarah Platt - Finger and Alexandria Crow. Argentina enjoys walks with her dog Rocky and stopping by Lenox Coffee and Levain Bakery.
You can expect to feel empowered and encouraged after taking class with Dana. Her classes feature energizing, strength building sequences that are approachable to all students with careful attention to alignment. She is influenced by teachers Dana Damara and Courtney Harris. 
When she's not teaching, she enjoys exploring all that NYC has to offer. She loves finding new coffee shops to visit with friends, or spending an afternoon in reading one of the many, many books on her bookshelf.
(Showing 1 - 4 of 18)