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Sarah, a boutique fitness junkie, formed Unity Yoga in 2013. Unity Yoga's mission is to offer students a tight-knit yoga community without having to leave the neighborhood. Sarah's alignment-based classes are technical and inventive, and offer accessibility to ensure students leave feeling stronger and more able. She began teaching yoga classes in 2005. Her teaching style is influenced by Tiffany Fisk and Jason Brown. In addition to practicing yoga, she enjoys megaformer, trx and bootcamp classes. Sarah moved to Harlem in 2008. Her favorite neighborhood spots are Double Dutch Coffee and Vinateria.

Sarah instructs the following:
  • Core
  • Build functional strength. Core combines Vinyasa yoga with strength-building repetitious exercises to tone core muscles. Each month Unity Yoga designates a Pose of the Month -- in this class expect to use a variety of props as a means to develop the strength necessary for pose mastery. Though this class is friendly to beginners and students with certain limitations, we require that you consult with a medical professional before beginning a yoga practice. This 60-minute, Level 2 class is held at 85°F. 

  • Release
  • What does it mean to release a muscle? Release is a slow-moving and deliberate opportunity to explore the depths of your yoga practice, by way of self-massage and conscious movement. With the use of a dense rubber ball, you'll apply sustained pressure to promote increased circulation and myo-fascial release of shoulders, back, hips, calves, feet, etc -- to target those areas that require a little time-off. With the use of props (like blocks, straps & the wall) we'll bend, bind, and flow (slowly). We recommend wearing a tank top & shorts for skin to prop contact (this contact will allow for greater manipulation of fascia). This class is especially recommended for runners, cyclists, & strength-training enthusiasts. Classes are inspired by the studio's Pose of the Month. This 60-minute, Level 1 class is held at 85°F. 

  • Flow
  • Move into stillness. By way of deliberate linking of movement and breath, Flow offers practitioners the opportunity to quiet the disturbances of the mind. This alignment focused practice offers the right balance of effort and ease, sweat and surrender. Expect this class to include a balance of detailed alignment, mindful breathing, and careful movement. This may vary in pace or intensity class-to-class and teacher-to-teacher. The music selection will complement the class focus.Classes are inspired by the studio's Pose of the Month. This 60-minute, Level 2 class is held at 85°F.

  • Fast Flow
  • Move with your breath. Fast Flow offers endurance-building quick-tempo movement appropriate for those with an existing yoga practice. Expect a one-breath-per-movement pace set to the sounds of energizing music. Postures and transitions are simple and uncomplicated to ensure you move safely and with ease. Classes are inspired by the studio's Pose of the Month. This 60-minute, Level 2 class is held at 85°F.

  • Intro
  • Become familiar with and embody the basics. Learn safe and skillful ways to practice classic yoga poses, and experience their benefits. In this mellow practice you'll explore components of Surya Namaskar (aka the Sun Salutations). Surya Namaskar is an iconic sequence of poses is meant to stretch and energize your entire body. This class is especially friendly to students new to yoga, however it is appropriate for any practitioner seeking to move with awareness. This slow-moving 60-minute, Level 1 class is held at 80°F. 

  • Extended Practice: Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana
  • Unrushed, with ample opportunity to flow & release. Expect rigorous movement, some myofascial release, plenty of time to invert. Followed by a luxuriously long savasana. This practice delicately weaves yogic concepts that go beyond physical movements. Expect yoga postures (asana), pranayama (breath), and dhyana (meditation). The culmination of these will result in an easeful transition into and out of Visvamitrasana. This 90-minute, Level 3 class is held at 80°F.

  • Alignment
  • Growing your yoga practice doesn't require that you master fast-paced flows or acrobatic postures. Instead, you might focus on subtle movements that require lots of control. Alignment classes are appropriate for students with an existing yoga practice, who are interested in the uniqueness of simple postures. With the use of props and the wall, this class explores less obvious structural components of postures, resulting in gain of strength, stability and useful flexibility. Alignment classes do not include music. Classes are inspired by the studio's Pose of the Month. This 60-minute, Level 2 class is held at 80°F.