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Sarah, a boutique fitness junkie, formed Unity Yoga in 2013. Unity Yoga's mission is to offer students a tight-knit yoga community without having to leave the neighborhood. Sarah's alignment-based classes are technical and inventive, and offer accessibility to ensure students leave feeling stronger and more able. She began teaching yoga classes in 2005. Her teaching style is influenced by Tiffany Fisk and Jason Brown. In addition to practicing yoga, she enjoys megaformer, trx and bootcamp classes. Sarah moved to Harlem in 2008. Her favorite neighborhood spots are Double Dutch Coffee and Vinateria.

Sarah instructs the following:
  • Flow
  • Move with your breath. What to expect: Flow offers endurance-building, one-breath-per-movement pace set to the sounds of energizing music.  Classes are inspired by the studio's Pose of the Month. Who it's for: This class is enjoyed by those already familiar with the Vinyasa style of yoga. If you crave continuous movement, this class is for you. Classes are inspired by the studio's Pose of the Month. This 60-minute, Level 2 class is held at 85°F. 

  • Core
  • Build functional strength. What to expect: Core classes offer an opportunity to build strength. Using props, you'll explore unique ways to engage the muscles that make up the core. Why's this important? Strengthening your core will reduce likelihood of injury, will enhance your alignment, and will help you move with ease. Classes are inspired by the studio's Pose of the Month. Who it's for: Core classes are enjoyed by those with an existing yoga practice, who find value in slow, deliberate & controlled movement. This 60-minute, Level 2 class is held at 85°F. 

  • Release
  • What does it mean to release a muscle? Release is a slow-moving practice that offers the opportunity to knead & soothe grippy muscles, by way of self-massage and conscious movement. What to expect: With the use of a dense rubber ball, you'll apply sustained pressure & friction to encourage circulation and freer movement. With the use of props (like blocks, straps & the wall) we'll bend, bind, and stretch. We recommend wearing a tank top & shorts for skin to prop contact (this contact will allow for greater manipulation of fascia). Who it's for: Release classes are enjoyed by practitioners who crave slow & intense movement. This class is also great for runners, cyclists, & strength-training enthusiasts. Classes are inspired by the studio's Pose of the Month. This 60-minute, Level 2 class is held at 85°F. 

  • Alignment
  • Growing your yoga practice doesn't require that you master fast-paced flows or pretzel-like postures. Instead, you might focus on subtle movements that require lots of control. What to expect: With the use of props & the wall, this class explores less obvious structural components of postures, resulting in gain of strength, stability and useful flexibility. The class often culminates with the practice of an arm balance or inverting posture. The pace of this practice varies class-to-class. Who it's for: Alignment classes are appropriate for students with an existing yoga practice, who understand their strengths and limitation. Alignment classes do not include music. Classes are inspired by the studio's Pose of the Month. This 60-minute, Level 3 class is held at 80°F.

  • Intro
  • Become familiar with and embody the basics. What to expect: Unity Yoga offers Vinyasa yoga classes. A Vinyasa practice syncs movements with breath. Movements are often quick and require strength & coordination. It's necessary to build awareness, balance & strength prior to entering a Level 2 class. In the Intro practice, we'll begin class seated & explore ways to sit comfortably while breathing mindfully. Then, you'll move through a series of exercises that develop functional strength & coordination. Postures and transitions are simple & uncomplicated to ensure you move safely and with ease. Who it's for? This class is especially friendly to those new to yoga. It's also enjoyed by existing practitioners seeking a simple, mellow, and grounding class. This slow-moving 60-minute, Level 1 class is held at 80°F.