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Lauren L

In a class with Lauren, expect to flow through a blend of traditional and creative sequencing, supported by a well-curated, modern playlist. Lauren has a long-time dedicated personal practice and has been teaching all levels of vinyasa yoga in the city since 2013, Her teaching style is influenced international teacher Kathryn Budig and elements of ashtanga yoga. If she's not waking up too early for yoga the next morning, you might catch her at her fave Harlem spots, Cove Lounge and Corner Social.

Lauren L instructs the following:
  • Flow for $8
  • Move into stillness, quiet the mind. Flow for $8 classes offer accessible, mixed-level, instruction appropriate for all practitioners. Expect a balance of mindful breathing and careful movement.  The music selection will complement the class focus. Cost: $8, or use your Membership/First Visit Offer. For those without a current Membership/First Visit Offer, rental mats are $2, hand towels are $1, bath towels are $2. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before class begins. Online pre-registration closes 30 minutes before class begins. Late entry is not permitted. The late-cancellation window begins 12 hours before class begins. Cancellations that take place during that window will result in a charge of $5. Missing class without canceling will result in a charge of $8 (or loss of class credit).