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Lilly instructs the following:
  • Flow
  • Move with your breath. What to expect: Flow offers endurance-building, one-breath-per-movement pace set to the sounds of energizing music.  Classes are inspired by the studio's Pose of the Month. Who it's for: This class is enjoyed by those already familiar with the Vinyasa style of yoga. If you crave continuous movement, this class is for you. Classes are inspired by the studio's Pose of the Month. This 60-minute, Level 2 class is held at 85°F. 

  • Happy Hour Yoga
  • Happy Hour Yoga classes are discounted classes taught by guest teachers. The pace and sequencing are diverse and eclectic. Mixed Level classes are accessible to participants of all levels, however we recommend checking in with your doctor before beginning a yoga practice - especially if you are pregnant or have injuries. This 60-minute, Mixed Level class is held between 80 - 85°F.