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Argentina's classes focus on finding balance between effort and ease. Her concise cues and challenging sequencing allow students to practice mindfulness through movement. She began practicing yoga over 12 years ago to help navigate major life changes and began teaching in 2015.  Her teaching style is influenced by Sarah Platt - Finger and Alexandria Crow. Argentina enjoys walks with her dog Rocky and stopping by Lenox Coffee and Levain Bakery.

Argentina instructs the following:
  • Flow
  • Move into stillness. By way of deliberate linking of movement and breath, Flow offers practitioners the opportunity to quiet the disturbances of the mind. This alignment focused practice offers the right balance of effort and ease, sweat and surrender. Expect this class to include a balance of detailed alignment, mindful breathing, and careful movement. This may vary in pace or intensity class-to-class and teacher-to-teacher. The music selection will complement the class focus.Classes are inspired by the studio's Pose of the Month. This 60-minute, Level 2 class is held at 85°F.

  • Fast Flow
  • Move with your breath. Fast Flow offers endurance-building quick-tempo movement appropriate for those with an existing yoga practice. Expect a one-breath-per-movement pace set to the sounds of energizing music. Postures and transitions are simple and uncomplicated to ensure you move safely and with ease. Classes are inspired by the studio's Pose of the Month. This 60-minute, Level 2 class is held at 85°F.

  • Core
  • Build functional strength. Core combines Vinyasa yoga with strength-building repetitious exercises to tone core muscles. Each month Unity Yoga designates a Pose of the Month -- in this class expect to use a variety of props as a means to develop the strength necessary for pose mastery. Though this class is friendly to beginners and students with certain limitations, we require that you consult with a medical professional before beginning a yoga practice. This 60-minute, Level 2 class is held at 85°F.