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This class is taught by:

Sarah M

Sarah opened Unity Yoga in 2013. Unity Yoga's mission is to offer students a tight-knit yoga community without having to leave the neighborhood. Sarah's classes focus on strength and alignment. She began teaching yoga classes in 2005. Her teaching style is influenced by Tiffany Fisk and Jason Brown. In addition to practicing yoga, she enjoys megaformer, trx and bootcamp classes. Sarah moved to Harlem in 2008. Her favorite neighborhood spots are Lenox Coffee and Charles’ Country Pan Fried Chicken.

Tiffany F

During Tiffany’s classes, students are soothingly reminded that change is the only constant. She gently guides students from pose to pose, with deliberate intention. Effortlessly, students reach peak poses, without strife or fatigue. Tiffany’s instructions are clear and dependable; students leave class feeling confident and refreshed. In her own yoga practice Tiffany has learned that, while on the mat, one cannot hide from existing weaknesses. Similarly, one must rely on innate strengths, intuition, and perseverance. Tiffany began teaching yoga classes in 2005. Her teaching style is influenced by Magi Pierce and Amanda Zapanta. In addition to practicing yoga, she enjoys hiking, Frisbee, and other outdoor activities. Tiffany moved to Harlem in 2011. Her favorite neighborhood spots are The Chipped Cup and Harlem Public.

Hannah Dubner

While practicing yoga with Hannah, students feel inspired to consciously connect breath and movement. Her welcoming presence promotes a noncompetitive atmosphere and puts practitioners at ease. Her music selections are invigorating and soothing at appropriate times. Hannah practices yoga so that she can quiet her mind. Through movement and sweat she is more easily able to redirect the right amount of energy toward effort and playfulness, on and off the mat. Hannah began teaching yoga in 2012. Her teaching style is influenced by Shiva Rea and Elena Brower. In addition to yoga, Hannah loves hiking and dancing. Her favorite neighborhood spots are Double Dutch Coffee and Trufa.

Nicki N

Nicki’s classes promote connectedness between mind and body. The unhurried tempo of her instruction allows students time to pay attention to the unique qualities of each posture. Students enjoy her straight forward sequencing and the clarity of her verbal cues. In her own practice, Nicki finds that yoga grounds her. And though she enjoys rigorous flow, she finds pranayama (breathing exercises) equally enjoyable and beneficial. Nicki began teaching in 2013. Her instruction is inspired by Chris Timmins and Denise Druce. In addition to yoga, Nicki enjoys rock climbing and walking. Her favorite neighborhood spots are Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant and Ponty Bistro.

Eileen Goddard

Eileen's warmth, enthusiasm and poise create a class experience that is both uplifting and grounding. Her verbal cues are clear and smooth, and allow students to flow through challenging postures with grace and ease, unruffled by physical and emotional obstacles. Eileen’s practice began more than a decade ago, as a means to achieve comfortable stillness. Her teaching style is influenced by Heather Lilleston and Dhyana Masla. Off the mat, Eileen enjoys supporting local Harlem artists.

Argentina R

Argentina's classes focus on finding balance between effort and ease. Her concise cues and challenging sequencing allow students to practice mindfulness through movement. She began practicing yoga over 12 years ago to help navigate major life changes and began teaching in 2015.  Her teaching style is influenced by Sarah Platt - Finger and Alexandria Crow. Argentina enjoys walks with her dog Rocky and stopping by Lenox Coffee and Levain Bakery.
Release is a slow-moving practice that offers the opportunity to knead & soothe grippy muscles, by way of self-massage and conscious movement. What to expect: With the use of a dense rubber ball, you'll apply sustained pressure & friction to encourage circulation and freer movement. With the use of props (like blocks, straps & the wall) we'll bend, bind, and stretch. Who it's for: Release classes are enjoyed by practitioners who crave slow & intense movement. This class is also great for runners, cyclists, & strength-training enthusiasts. This 60-minute class is held at 85°F. Online pre-registration closes 30 minutes before class begins. Late entry is not permitted. The late-cancellation window begins 12 hours before class begins. Cancellations that take place during that window will result in a charge of $5. Missing class without canceling will result in a charge of $30 (or loss of class credit).