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The asana practice (that is, the practice of physical yoga poses) is just 1 of 8 yogic limbs. Together, these 8 limbs address dis-ease of the body and mind. The benefits of a regular asana practice may include (but are not limited to): increased self-discipline, reduced physical pain, improved strength & flexibility. All with the intent of achieving comfortable stillness -- so that the practitioner can sit for long periods of time (in seated meditation) without the distraction of aches and pains.

Though the asana practice offers incredible physical benefits, it has the potential to become so much more than that. At Unity Yoga, we will challenge you physically but we will also offer opportunities to explore the subtle ways in which habits on-your-yoga-mat extend outward into other areas of your life. The yoga poses themselves do not lead to enlightenment, but they do encourage healthy habits -- so that the practitioner can discover how to practice yoga off-the-mat.

Unity Yoga is a lightly heated and alignment-based Vinyasa studio. Our classes are warm, not hot. The instruction offered is balanced, methodical and deliberate.

Unity Yoga is a minority-woman-owned small business. The staff is comprised of carefully selected yoga teachers and support staff. Our staff and practitioner community is diverse, and have broad range of physical abilities, yoga experience, socio-economic backgrounds, racial identities -- many of whom were raised locally and many others who are transplants. All of us, in some form or another, call Harlem home.

Our mission is to provide a consistently clean, safe and convenient space to practice yoga.